For me, wedding photography is about story telling and your ability as a photographer to capture the whole day, not only the ceremony and after event, in such a way that every time you look through the photographs it brings you back all the emotions, highlights and happiness lived during those special moments. So what do I mean by photographer’s ability? It’s everything you put in to give your best, from the equipment you use, where you position yourself to get the right angle, how you set your camera, how you interact with the grooms and guests and last but very important how you process afterwards the best photographs you will give to the grooms. I like to use artificial light (flash) as less as possible as I consider that if you want to recreate all the story and emotions of that special day in your photographs, you also have to capture all the mood of each place where the day went through. This means I like using high ISO and sometimes even when it’s not really necessary as sometimes the oldish grainy look of the photograph brings back the genuinity of the wedding even more. When it comes to processing, what’s important is how you play with contrasts, colours, dodging and burning in such a way that your photographs have more life in and your front and back stories are better shaped.



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